Saturday, September 26, 2009


Happy Saturday all. I'm enjoying a relaxed morning at home with a pot of coffee and streaming CBC radio. Lovely. Next up is studying Spanish. Fun.

Anyways, I thought I would point out that I have activated comments on this blog, as on all of my other blogs. I hear reports that people have had issues with being able to post comments though, so here's a primer. At the bottom of this post is a link to add a comment. Click on that link and you'll reach a comment box. That's where you write your comment. Once you've done that, you choose how you would like to be identified -- I believe it's a little drop down menu. If you aren't a registered user, you can still comment either giving your name, or as anonymous. In any case, you will also have to verify that you are human and not a spamming robot and type in a code. Nothing difficult. If you're still having trouble, you can always just email me. That's cool too. I love to hear feedback in any form.


In other housekeeping news, housekeeping, or the lack thereof, is becoming a problem.

At the moment, I'm sharing a house with a number of other people. A Panamanian couple, a Colombian, a French couple and another French girl. People are generally nice, but the kitchen (and most other public parts of the house) are a mess. Conveniently, we have a maid coming in to clean twice a week. But that doesn't change the fact that dishes don't do themselves, and that insects and other less than welcome guests are attracted to piles of rotting garbage. It's not quite that bad, but as I write, the sink is still full of dishes from two days ago, and the table is only clean because I cleared up after somebody else's breakfast.

Unfortunately, it makes living in this beautiful house much less pleasant. Nothing say unwelcoming like a big pile of stinky dishcloths and other peoples unwashed dishes when you come home after a long day of work. It's not everyone who causes problems, but it is definitely an issue.

Luckily for me, I have decided to move. Not only has living with so many dirty people been less than fun, but the house is REALLY far from where I work. And because I value my time I've been taking taxis to work. Which is getting REALLY expensive. Individual rides aren't so bad, but it's adding up. I've also had a really hard time doing any work here. Not only do the housemates leave messes in the kitchen, they leave their crap on all of the other horizontal surfaces. Which makes it difficult if I or anyone else wants to make use of said surfaces. So, I've got a place lined up with another person from my lab. It's quiet, it's nearer to work, the house is amazing, and I think it will work really well.

So next weekends project is moving. Again. It's too bad, as my current house is really convenient for everything except work (and living with so many other languages was a really good way to force me into speaking more Spanish).

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